Freedom is 'precious' gift, treat it with 'reverence, respect and responsibility': Indian Navy Chief

Terming freedom a precious gift, Indian Navy chief Admiral Karambir Singh said that one must treat this with great reverence, respect and a sense of responsibility

Indian Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh on Saturday said that freedom is a precious gift and “one must treat this with great reverence, respect and a sense of responsibility”.

Addressing the veterans and youngsters after paying homage to the martyrs at Noida Shaheed Smarak during the annual wreath-laying ceremony, Admiral Singh said, “On this solemn occasion, I would like to salute these brave-hearts and reassure the families of the martyrs that the supreme sacrifice made by them will always be remembered.”

Talking about martyrs, he quotes ‘for our tomorrow you gave up your today’.

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On behalf of Indian Navy, he also presented the model of INS Chennai and P-15A Guided Missile Destroyer.

The memorial, which was built by the residents of Noida after Kargil war casualties, was dedicated to the nation by the then three defence service chiefs in the year 2002.

“This memorial is a constant reminder to us of the true meaning of freedom and that freedom when threatened has to be protected at a great price. This memorial has rightfully become an iconic landmark and serves as a source of inspiration to all countrymen and women; young or old,” the Indian Navy chief said.

To youngsters present during the occasion, he further stated that they are symbols of free India and the future of this nation. “Freedom is a precious gift that you must treat with great reverence, respect and a sense of responsibility. This memorial must forever remind us that many young lives enshrined in this memorial are the reason why we are safe and secure,” he said.

He then pointed, “Those who die in defence of the country gave up two lives – the one they were living and the one they would have lived. They gave up everything for their country for us”.

He then said a quote which he had read once. “Our flags do not fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it,” Admiral Singh said.

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