Lok Sabha election: India happy with surgical strike, not Congress, says PM Modi in Assam

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the Congress for the Assam Accord and said that his government was working to ensure its implementation. He also alleged that various development projects got delayed when the Congress-ruled Assam.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a public meeting in Assam's Gohpur on Saturday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that the whole country was happy with India’s bombing of the terrorist camp in Pakistan but not the Congress and also the terrorists.

“The Indian armed forces for the first time killed the terrorists in their own territory. While the whole world stood by India, the Congress family have lost their sleep,” Modi told an election rally here in Assam’s Dibrugarh district.

“Recently our scientists made significant achievements in space technology and we became the fourth nation to have such technology,” he went on.

“But the Congress leaders were in tears. Today India is walking together with the superpowers of the world and the Congress is worried,” he said.

“Now you have to decide whether you want a strong government or a government run by people stained (by allegations of corruption),” he said.

Showering appreciation for the Moran community, the Prime Minister said that India cannot strengthen itself unless Assam was strengthened.

Modi also slammed the earlier Congress government for what he said was its apathy towards the tribals in the tea community.

“They do not like this chowkidar but they also don’t like the chaiwala. They don’t even like to look into the eyes of the chaiwala. Only this chaiwala can understand the pain of the chaiwala,” he said.

He was clearly referring to some of the flagship schemes launched by the BJP government in Assam for the benefit of the tea tribes.

The Prime Minister alleged that various development projects got delayed when the Congress ruled Assam. “It is our government that has completed many of the long delayed projects.”

The Prime Minister slammed the Congress for the Assam Accord and said that his government was working to ensure its implementation.

“Our government is also seriously considering a proposal to grant ST status to six communities of Assam. However, in doing so we will ensure that none of the existing tribals are affected,” he added.

Corruption keeps Congress’ Grand Alliance united: Modi

Alo (Arunachal Pradesh): Launching a scathing attack on the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that it was corruption that kept the opposition parties united against him. Addressing an election rally here in Arunachal Pradesh, Modi said the Congress had always favoured corruption and corruption was the ‘mahagathbandhan’ of the opposition alliance.

“Corruption is the Fevicol that binds all of them together,” he said, referring to the well-known adhesive.

The Prime Minister described Arunachal Pradesh, which shares a border with China, as “a strong shield” for the country’s security.

“Arunachal Pradesh has been a lucky state for the BJP,” he said, adding that the party had already won uncontested three Assembly seats: Alo, Yachuli and Dirang.

“People are watching how you strengthen this chowkidar in the 2019 election.”

The Lok Sabha and Assembly polls in Arunachal Pradesh will take place simultaneously on April 11.

Modi said that in the last five years he visited the northeast over 30 times.

“You are aware of the past governments. You know how many times the Prime Minister came to northeast and Arunachal Pradesh. This chowkidar has made efforts to connect Delhi to your ‘dil’ (heart),” he said.

He said that although Arunachal required infrastructure development, a few families believing in dynastic politics only made efforts to empower their personal growth all these years.

“They were not bothered about your ‘bhalai’ (well-being) but rather concerned about their ‘malai’ (benefits).

“The Congress has always remained attached to corruption. This is their mahagathbandhan. The Fevicol that binds all of them is corruption.

“These leaders draw their inspiration from their leaders in Delhi who cheat on income tax, claim commission from defence deals. The leaders themselves are on bail now but are accusing this chowkidar.

“Corruption has become their habit, so they don’t care about the jawans or youths. Whenever India achieves something, they find a reason to criticize it.

“They speak the languages spoken by terrorists. You have the right to punish these people in a democracy.

“On the one side there is a force out to divide the country and on the other side there is a honest chowkidar who wants to make the country secure,” said Modi.

“I have worked with sincerity for five years but I am not the one to stop there. Every day I feel like doing something new. In next five year, I want to do more,” he said, while appealing to the people to vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

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